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Jennifer Talbot

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Jennifer Talbot
signature style
city Riverside
profession interior designer
company Jen Talbot Design
website http://jen-talbot-design.com/
"Every room needs a bit of black and at least one piece of vintage."
Curated Textured Modern   Jen Talbot Design is an interior and design studio that provides full interior service as well as corporate branded environments. The firm embodies design that is detailed, personal and thoughtfully crafted. Incorporating her background in art, design and product development, Principal Jen Talbot, conceives artistic, modern and timeless environments that tell the individual story of each client with a collaborative approach. She believes that whether it be a residential, commercial or environmentally branded space, it should speak to and reflect the client naturally.

Recent Projects

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Jennifer Talbot tagged product installed from Jayson Home

Woven rubber basket

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Jennifer Talbot tagged product installed from Jayson Home

Woven rubber basket

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