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Maya Romanoff


Maya Romanoff

( 3 designer reviews )

Maya Romanoff's eponymous brand of wallcoverings and surfacing has held true to it's founder's mantra: "Make every wall beautiful." The materials of their signature products include fabrics, wood, gold leaf, mica, grass, and bamboo.

  • may browse but requires a design professional to purchase
  • neighborhood
    merchandise mart
  • styles
    modern, traditional, transitional, green, global, classic, new, organic, sustainable, asian
  • product
  • other
  • price
    $$$, $$$$

designer reviews 4 reviews

  • They don't produce wall paper... they produce spectacular “wall surfaces” that imbue a space with architectural gravitas. They are one of our first stops when we are just beginning to conceptualize a new project. Maya Romanoff was a brilliant and original artist.
  • Maya Romanoff never disappoints. Their wall coverings are amazingly hand crafted, beautiful and elegant. One of my favorites!
  • Gorgeous, textural wall coverings and very friendly, approachable customer service!
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