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Veronica Ferro

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Veronica Ferro
signature style
Refreshed Traditional
city Chicago
profession interior designer
company VF Interiors
website vf-interiors.com
Owner and Lead Designer   Transforming spaces into something her clients' could only dream of is her specialty. As a designer Veronica infuses life and color into any space while tailoring to fit a client's needs, personal taste and style. Whether it's your dream garage, office or custom home Veronica and the VF Interiors team will make sure you love living in your space. About VF Interiors: VF Interiors is a full service design studio & showroom with the goal of inspiring our clients with fresh, lively design and flair for crafting beautiful, unique details to each living space. Our studio features one of a kind Asian antiques, works of art by award-winning artist Vincent Golshani and wide variety of custom furniture and lighting.

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Modernized Antique

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Modernized Antique

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