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Soucie Horner

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Soucie Horner
signature style
Uniquely Personal
city Chicago
profession interior designer
company Soucie Horner, Ltd
website souciehorner.com/
DEFINING LIFESTYLE THROUGH DESIGN -- we provide luxury residential interior architecture and interior design services to a discriminating clientele. Our approach ensures every finished residence is a uniquely personal statement of impeccable taste and gracious living. Every detail is considered in creating environments that are comfortably livable and absolutely lovely. Ultimately, our homes make a gracious personal statement about the people who own them.

Recent Projects

1-3 of 7 projects

Breathing Room

A quietly orchestrated symphony of grayed blues unites this home, custom furniture and rugs, to objects, accessories, and decorative exclamation points that punctuate the carefully synthesized interiors. A discerning demonstration of family-friendly living at its finest.
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Parkside Transition

A one-time warren of heavily detailed rooms - classic examples of Upper East Side formality - is gutted from floor to ceiling to usher in a new era of contemporary connectivity. Thoughtfully transformed into an oasis of clean urban style.
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Landmark Luxury

Featuring distinguished furnishings befitting its landmark Michigan Avenue location, this downtown high-rise exemplifies elegant urban living. Informed by world travels and a marriage's worth of thoughtfully acquired furnishings, it showcases a deeply personal collection of art and objects.
View Gallery
source review

We were lucky to find Pretorius Studio more than 16 years ago, and have been incorporating their work into our projects ever since. The murals they’ve done for us have added incomparable elegance and sophistication to our designs. Not only are they talented, they’re a pleasure to work with – they understand our vision, execute it beautifully, and are always customer-responsive. We recommend them highly to anyone seeking an artistic addition to a room, whether a hand-painted mural, Venetian plaster, or glazed finishes on walls or furniture.

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