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Kim Chilton Griffith

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Kim Chilton Griffith
signature style
chic + inspiring
city Chicago
profession designer
company Kimterior Designs
groups ASID
website kimteriordesigns.com
"The details are not the details, they make the design." - Charles Eames
Principal, Owner   With over 18 years of experience, Kim Chilton Griffith takes her client's vision to new heights, always giving them more than they could have ever imagined. Admired for her impeccable style and grace, she is a creative and savvy design professional. As the wife of a retired NFL player, Kim's network not only includes professional athletes, but also corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and new homeowners. Her company specializes in modern and transitional design, project management and full-scale renovations for residential and commercial properties.

Recent Projects

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source review

Jason Home has been one of my go-to shops for many years. They carry a wonderful selection of eclectic pieces -- from furniture and ornate accessories to beautiful flowers and plants. My experience with their sales associates has always been helpful and pleasant.

source review

Lightology has a wonderful selection of contemporary lighting. It has continued to be a great source for my design projects.

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