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Kevin Toukoumidis

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Kevin Toukoumidis
signature style
We create innovative architecture, interiors, and landscape. Our design tells your story.
city Chicago
profession architect
company dSPACE Studio
groups AIA
license 001020032 (IL)
website dspacestudio.com
Our Practice & Philosophy   dSPACE Studio is an award-winning architecture firm dedicated to architecture, interiors, and landscape. The firm’s work is characterized by thoughtful design, innovation, and craft of construction. Project types include residential and small commercial, with a focus on urban dwellings, vacation homes, retail, and unique office spaces. Projects include new construction, renovations, and additions. dSPACE Studio is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by meeting mutually agreed upon project requirements and goals. The firm strives to offer exceptional service through all phases of design and construction, and is strongly committed to effective communication and attention to detail.

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