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Chicago Design Destination: Hubbard Woods

Hubbard Woods is a quaint area within Winnetka, which is one of the neighborhoods on the North Shore. Approximately 30 minutes outside the city, it's either a pleasant drive along the lakeshore, or a quick train ride away. Why bother making the tr...

Suzanne Lovell on Art in Interior Design

Suzanne Lovell of Suzanne Lovell Inc, an incredibly accomplished architectural interior design firm, will be at SOFA to speak on her methods for choosing pieces and the qualities she looks for in design. She shared her thoughts with us on the importance of art in her design process.

How to Grow Social Media for Interior Design

For some, social media is like going to an awkward cocktail party where you don’t know anyone. What are the unspoken norms? What should you say so that people find you interesting? And are you...

10 Chicago Sources for Green Decor

Happy Earth Day to you! To celebrate, we've rounded up ten of Chicago's eco-friendly sources across three categories: 1) antiques and vintage 2) items produced locally 3) companies who are committed to being green. These are all businesses that we've never mentioned on the blog before so we hope you might find something new...

Expert Paint Color Tips from Interior Designers

For homeowners, selecting the right paint color is often an intimidating task. In a previous post Nicholas Moriarty shared his thoughts on ceiling paint colors, but if you’re still wondering “what about the walls?!”...