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Design Inspiration Around Chicago

For the members of our creative design community, inspiration is everywhere -- from nature to architecture to food to fashion, there are always those things and places that give us a breath of fresh air and a new perspective.

Top Holiday Home Gifts in Chicago

Many of our source members in Chicago have just the special, personal gifts you need to delight any holiday gift recipient. So, we asked them about their most popular gifts, and they delivered!

Lighting Tips from Currey & Company's Creativ...

For some tips on how to best select lighting for a space, we turned to Cecil Adams, Creative Director at Currey & Company. He gave us some valuable insight on how to pick the best fixtures for your home.

Kenneth Walter: The Secret Is Out

If you want to have a real heart-to-heart about interior design, you go to Kenneth Walter. He's not only full of expert knowledge, he is also observant, wise and thoughtful. He balances a deep understanding of the traditional design principles with an innovative and savvy…

10 Chicago Sources for Green Decor

Happy Earth Day to you! To celebrate, we've rounded up ten of Chicago's eco-friendly sources across three categories: 1) antiques and vintage 2) items produced locally 3) companies who are committed to being green. These are all businesses that we've never mentioned on the blog before so we hope you might find something new...