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Tackling Burnout and Overwhelm as Design Professionals

As design professionals and business owners in the design industry know, some days our jobs feel like we are living the dream, while others are incredibly stressful. To learn more about how to cope with these struggles, we talked with Lisa Guillot...

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Understanding Interior Design Professionals’ ...

The roles and responsibilities of different types of design professionals often confuse homeowners, and rightfully so. There can be a great deal of overlap when a variety of design professionals - interior designers, decorators, and architects - are pulled together to work on a project. That's why we've written a simple explanation for you to use as a resource when thes...

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Top 5 Interior Design Podcasts

Podcasts have steadily risen in popularity over the past 10 years, but over the last year, listenership has exploded! And, audio producers and content creators have delivered -- there are many shows to choose from on any subject you’re interested in. After many hours of listening to the array of interior design podcasts available, we have put together our top must-liste...

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Interior Designers Define Luxury in 2016

We talked with some of Chicago and Atlanta’s top interior designers about what luxury interior design is, and like their design philosophies and signature styles, their answers differed. Each of them offer a unique perspective on what luxury is in 2016, and how it has changed over the course of their careers.

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ASID Report Takeaways Part 2: Factors Impacti...

For Part 2, we will cover the 3 major factors impacting the interior design industry as identified by the think tanks and designer surveys conducted by ASID.