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What 5 Interior Designers Learned from Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching! To celebrate this year we asked five top interior designers which interior design lessons they learned from mom. From why to clean their rooms to how to create balanced aesthetic their mothers taught them quite a lot, perhaps proving that mom really does know best.

Wendy Labrum, Chicago Interior Designer
My mother taught me that "less is more” and there is no room for superfluous clutter. Taking her practical advice, I always edit and re-edit the accessories when I complete a space. As Coco Chanel said: "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Stringently editing the pieces in a space ensures you don't end up with clutter that distracts from the integrity of the design. see more: Wendy Labrum Interiors (Chicago)

Leslie Bowman, Chicago Interior Designer
Mom taught me that the key to communication is listening and design is all about communication. It is important to listen to your clients and understand what is important to them in their home; both their likes and their dislikes. Here, I incorporated both the husband’s love of a more modern feel with the wife’s classic aesthetic. The wall is covered in a modern stacked tile and is then combined with a more traditional mirrored buffet. Listening was definitely the key here! see more: Wells Street Design (Chicago)

Amy Courage, Chicago Interior Designer
My mom would say “every living space should have a great reading chair.” This chair is where bauhaus geometry meets a galaxy of retro pink comets. The overall shape of this out-of-the-box confection almost looks like an old-fashioned baseball mitt, and the pillow tilt the axis from ordinary to fun. The world is serious enough, so kick back in a comfy reading chair and dream a little. see more: Courage & Company (Chicago)

Kara O'Connor, Chicago Interior Designer
Up until I was about 11, my mother co-owned a carpeting and window treatment company in Colorado. I remember playing in her showroom and visiting several job sites. The most influential design lesson she taught me was to have an appreciation for and patience with the design process, and to recognize that there are so many moving parts to this business. Every completed space often requires hundreds of hours on the part of the innumerable trades people involved. It takes a village! see more: Kara O'Connor Interiors (Chicago)

Hunter Kaiser, Chicago Interior Designer
I used to make an arrangement of flowers for Mom each year for Mother’s day. I gathered from our yard when we lived in the South. She would coach me on layering colors next to one another and how to mix the textures and scale. Those are skills that now run second nature. see more: Hunter Kaiser: Creative for Life (Chicago)

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