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Top 5 Interior Design Podcasts

Podcasts have steadily risen in popularity over the past 10 years, but over the last year, listenership has exploded! And, audio producers and content creators have delivered -- there are many shows to choose from on any subject you’re interested in. After many hours of listening to the array of interior design podcasts available, we have put together our top must-listen suggestions.

Before we dive in, if you’re new to podcasts, here’s what you need to know. Think of podcasts as information-rich, completely free talk radio programs. The vast majority of the shows are voice-only. They are typically listened to on smartphones, however some of the podcasts’ websites offer streaming directly on their site. To keep it simple, we suggest you use the Podcasts app from the App Store on your Apple device, or you can use an app called Stitcher on your Apple or Android device. Just download one of the apps, search for a podcast below that interests you, and hit subscribe!

Now, let’s get to the recommendations.


These shows will equally please professionals in the industry, homeowners, and people that just love design.

99% Invisible

This beautifully-produced show covers the nearly-invisible ways that design and architecture shape our world. With more than 3 million downloads per month, 99% Invisible dives deeply into topics you may not have considered before, but will instantly find interesting.

About the Host: Roman Mars is one of the best-known names in radio and podcasting. Following 99% Invisible’s Kickstarter project -- the highest-earning journalism project ever on the site -- he founded the podcast collective Radiotopia, whose 13 podcasts now attract 8.5 million listeners per month.

Where to Start: It is nearly impossible to recommend one of the 200 episodes over the other, but architecture buffs will appreciate Episode 192: “Pagodas and Dragon Gates” and those looking to think differently about the every day will want to listen to Episode 177: “Lawn Order”.

After the Jump

Through light but insightful interviews, this podcast reveals the philosophies, new ideas, advice, and lessons learned from designers and artisans ranging from interiors pro Thom Filicia to architecture critic Alexandra Lange. The show has been on hiatus for the past year, but will be coming back with new content this spring -- so, use this time to catch up on the 100 episodes in the archive!

About the Host: Grace Bonney was a contributing editor for Domino, House & Garden, and Craft magazines before she launched design blog Design*Sponge in 2004. As the site has grown to reach over 1 million readers per day, Grace has become an influencer in the design industry.

Where to Start: Designers and creatives should start with Episode 85: “Change the World Through Design”, where Grace and guests discuss how to use your creative gifts to give back to society. Homeowners will love Episode 90: “Genevieve Gorder Returns”. We have let Genevieve into our homes via television for so many years; it is great to hear a little more about her life and design philosophy.



These shows are aimed specifically at the design industry, focusing on the intricacies of working in the business and how to keep growing your client base along the way. 

The Chaise Lounge

From marketing to client relations to staff management and more, this podcast is aimed at helping designers grow and maintain their businesses. Expect to get valuable insight from some of the top names in the industry and get motivated to take the next step in your business!

About the Host: Nick May runs a successful paint contracting business in Denver, CO. He is also one of the founders of Interior Design Initiatives, a co-op dedicated to networking and professional growth for Denver-based interior designers.

Where to Start: Though each episode provides a combination of education and entertainment, our Chicago community will appreciate hearing the familiar voices of local designers (and Refined Haystack members) Michael Del Piero, Susan Brunstrum, and Kim Scodro!


This podcast features in-depth conversations about working in the field of architecture. When you feel like getting lost for awhile in the details of the architectural world or want to hear the pros talk out a topic you have questions about, Archispeak is the place to go.

About the Hosts: The 3 hosts are Neal Pann, a San Francisco-area architect; Evan Troxel, a Los Angeles-area architect; and Cormac Phalen, a D.C.-area architectural project manager.

Where to Start: Designers will especially appreciate the discussion in Episode 71: “The Role of the Designer”, but their deep-dive conversations will likely grab the attention of any design professional, no matter the topic. 

The Honest Home

Hear from professionals addressing issues and ideas from all corners of the design world, from sustainability to photography to growing your business.

About the Host: Tammy Cody is a LEED-accredited interior designer in San Luis Obispo, California.

Where to Start: Design professionals will love hearing the insights from interior design business coach Alycia Wicker in Episode 22 as well as interiors photographer Michael Graydon in Episode 29.


Happy Listening!



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