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Mitchell Channon on Artistry, Intelligence, and Innovation

Award-winning Chicago designer Mitchell Channon is on a mission to create spaces that are one-of-a-kind reflections of his clients' unique personalities and lifestyles. Each project reflects an artist’s eye toward color and materials, as well as a...

Hidden Gems: Must See Places in West Town

Looking for an easy and quick way to finish up a design project? West Town boasts a handful of local spots chock full of treasures, and this route is only 1/3 of a mile. Put on your running shoes, and don't worry we'll start you off with a coffee…

Chicago Design Destination: Hubbard Woods

Hubbard Woods is a quaint area within Winnetka, which is one of the neighborhoods on the North Shore. Approximately 30 minutes outside the city, it's either a pleasant drive along the lakeshore, or a quick train ride away. Why bother making the trip?...

Chicago Interior Designer Nicholas Moriarty o...

Chicago interior designer Nicholas Moriarty is elevating interior furnishings with a show at fine art gallery Gallery19 this month! This kind of collaboration is what we live for at Refined Haystack -- where local designers partner with sources, artists, and furniture makers to bring their designs to the next level.

Designing Outdoor Spaces in Chicago

Ah, summer! Few relish it more than we Chicagoans do. To help you make the most of it we asked four top Chicago interior designers for their insights on creating inspiring outdoor spaces. These pros dished on everything from their outdoor design philosophy, to...