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Design Inspiration Around Atlanta

For the members of our creative design community, inspiration is everywhere -- from nature to architecture to food to fashion, there are always those things and places that give us a breath of fresh air and a new perspective.

Designers' Tips on Freshening up Your Holiday...

Our member designers have some fresh perspectives that will leave you inspired and ready to revamp the old standby icicle lights and artificial trees.

ASID Report Takeaways Part 2: Factors Impacti...

For Part 2, we will cover the 3 major factors impacting the interior design industry as identified by the think tanks and designer surveys conducted by ASID.

Understanding Interior Design Professionals’ ...

The roles and responsibilities of different types of design professionals often confuse homeowners, and rightfully so. There can be a great deal of overlap when a variety of design professionals - interior designers, decorators, and architects - are pulled together to work on a project. That's why we've written a simple explanation for you to use as a resource when thes...

Top Holiday Home Gifts in Atlanta

Many of our source members in Atlanta have just the special, personal gifts you need to delight any holiday gift recipient. So, we asked them about their most popular gifts, and they delivered!