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Lagomorph Design


Lagomorph Design

A fun and quirky brand with the craftsmanship chops to back up their cheeky pink-bunny logo, Lagomorph Design is packed with interior eye candy. What’s even more impressive is that this successful design venture is the result of an on-a-whim attempt by owner Seth Deysach to build custom furniture for a local salon (at that point he had no professional experience under his belt). That has all changed, as Seth and his team continue to release beautiful pieces year after year. A local design prodigy success story.

  • offers to-the-trade program
    open to the public, 3 or fewer locations
  • neighborhood
    logan square
  • styles
    modern, classic, new, industrial, ancillary, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, upholstery, home office, custom
  • product
    furniture, bathroom, cabinetry + woodwork, objects + decor
  • other
  • price

designer reviews

  • Seth is truly an artisan. He is my go to for custom kitchens, bathrooms, furnishings, etc. It is not just the excellent workmanship but Seth really has an eye for detail and he asks all the right questions when working on a project. Seth is also a blast to work with! Clients love him.
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