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Breaking Old School Design Rules: A Fresh Perspective

Though sticking to the ideas that have stood the test of time is a good policy much of the time, sometimes, designers need to venture outside of the norm to create something truly unique.

Back to School: The Perfect Time to Refresh y...

The time has come! The kids are in school, and it’s the perfect time to give your house a refresh. Here’s how some of our favorite interior designers in Chicago and Atlanta make it happen.

A Look Back: The Evolution of the Interiors I...

At Refined Haystack, we see fresh, amazing talent pop into the interior design industry often -- and it’s exciting! But we also love talking with the established, experienced designers with years of knowledge and insight. Such interesting reflections come out of our conversations with these well-respected professionals, so we asked them the questions that often come to ...

Linc Thelen: Local Artist, Designer & Builder

Local talent Linc Thelen is often referred to as a “triple threat.” Artist, interior designer and builder, Linc’s natural aptitude was apparent early on in his life, as he spent much of his time with his father who owned a design-build firm. Linc studied painting…

Must See Places in Wicker Park & Bucktown

Wicker Park and Bucktown. The distinguishing line between these two popular Chicago neighborhoods is a source of endless debate, but their “it” factor is certain. Below you’ll find a route that showcases five not-to-be-missed home decor stops and...