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Lighting Tips from Currey & Company's Creative Director

For some tips on how to best select lighting for a space, we turned to Cecil Adams, Creative Director at Currey & Company. He gave us some valuable insight on how to pick the best fixtures for your home.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Interior Desi...

Selecting an interior designer may seem like a stressful process -- but it doesn’t have to be! All that it requires is a little prior research and asking lots of great questions.

Interior Design A La Carte

As you may know, “a la carte” is a French phrase that describes ordering individual items from the menu, as opposed to committing to a preset menu at a fixed price. As the landscape of residential interior design changes with technology, many homeowners have an increased exposure to the interior design process via media. As a result...

ASID Report Takeaways Part 2: Factors Impacti...

For Part 2, we will cover the 3 major factors impacting the interior design industry as identified by the think tanks and designer surveys conducted by ASID.