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Happy Halloween From Our Chicago Design Friends!

A few Halloween treats from designers, showrooms, and stores around town....


Get to Know Chicago Interior Designer Nichola...

We sat down with Nicholas Moriarty to get to know the man behind these gorgeous spaces. "Where do you typically go for inspiration?" The vast majority of my inspiration comes from...

Frank ponterio outdoor design

Designing Outdoor Spaces in Chicago

Ah, summer! Few relish it more than we Chicagoans do. To help you make the most of it we asked four top Chicago interior designers for their insights on creating inspiring outdoor spaces. These pros dished on everything from their outdoor design philosophy, to...

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Suzanne Lovell on Art in Interior Design

Suzanne Lovell of Suzanne Lovell Inc, an incredibly accomplished architectural interior design firm, will be at SOFA to speak on her methods for choosing pieces and the qualities she looks for in design. She shared her thoughts with us on the importance of art in her design process.


Interior Designers on Designing a Happy Home

A little Valentine's Day treat: six of the top local designers give us an inside look at how they help couples merge divergent decor styles to create a balanced space and a happy home…